God’s Idea NOT mine! (Read blog below 1st!)

Small groups are not a new idea, it’s God’s idea & Jesus both introduced small group life & modeled it for us with his 12 disciples.

Check out the book of Acts.

Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit, began preaching & 3000 people got saved. I wonder if they were shocked & thinking to themselves, “what are we going to do with all these people now?” God gave them a plan. They continued to meet in the temple & they began to meet in homes. They had all things in common; they needed community in order to grow. This is how the church became a powerful force on earth, by meeting in the temple AND in homes (small groups). As we continue to read in Acts, miracles took place. This is still God’s plan for today, services & small groups, people meeting all throughout Austin & the world, living life together, with all things in common & experiencing miracles.

In order for us to encourage & invite involvement, we as leaders need the conviction & the vision. Sometimes, we need a reminder, a refresher on why we do what we do. This summer’s challenge will help you keep the vision fresh. We know you can do it, we believe in you.

 Challenge #1. host a “Just Walk across the room” 4 session group anytime from now to end of July. Our family is having a teen group on Thursdays in June. Here is a little secret – we will not have Wednesday night church services the last 3 Sundays in June, that might be a good time for you. Please let your coach & Lauren know your group details. There is someone who wants “in” your group.

 Challenge #2. recruit/invite 5 other people to host a summer group (4 sessions). Be creative, be bold, share the value & believe in people. We have the DVD & leaders guide ready for you to pick up. We have trainings throughout May. We have everything in place to help people be successful & fulfilled. Recruit at least 5 to join the team & make a difference. Everyone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves. They are waiting for your invitation.

These are our summer challenges & we know we can do it. We are all in this together – leaving no person behind. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit & He gives us all we need. Together, I believe we will increase the percentage of people getting involved in church life here in our city. Peoples lives will be changed, like yours & mine. We do this for people because people matter most. We love you dearly!


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  1. Very true, the most fun we will have in life is with other people. We all need each other. Great reminder of the power of relationships. thanks

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