Why we do what we do

                                                                  We all need a refresher & reminder of God’s purpose for our lives, because we all leak, vision leaks out of us – we get busy & consumed with the responsibilities we have & the needs around us. We can all relate because it happens to the best of us. May I take some time to remind you why we do what we do? Earth is our temporary home & heaven is our permanent dwelling, our destiny. My prayer is that The Holy Spirit keeps this truth fresh in us all through our day.

There are 1 million people who live in the Austin Metroplex & I don’t think it’s a mistake that you & I are here right now in this time of history. We are here because God placed us here for a specific purpose – to seek & save the lost, to make a difference for His Kingdom & to worship Him & trust him for all things & in all situations. He is faithful, trustworthy & worthy of our praise & our service.

Out of the 1 million people who live amongst us – 15-25% attend church. This tells us we have our work cut out for us – by the power of the Holy Spirit of course.

We thank God for the life-giving churches here in Austin & there are some great ones. We especially thank God for Shoreline, we all love our home church & our Senior Pastors Rob & Laura Koke. At every campus we experience worship that ushers in the presence of God & preaching that changes our life, our perspective & the lives of the people we love. People leave our church services ministered to, refreshed, filled with hope & faith. It’s a Win!

Services are part of God’s plan to reach our world, our city, but there is more. People need community, a safe place to share the good in their life & the not so good. A place to be discipled, mentored, to be transparent, accountable, challenged & encouraged. A place to live out our Christian life with others – where iron sharpens iron. Every person needs a small group to share openly with, to give & receive. It’s in our DNA – it’s in our original design. Some people actually know this truth & some don’t have a clue. All of us that realize this truth are responsible to help people connect the dots to get involved, to get into a small group. When people are in a small group- Its a another Win!


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