When God When?

Maybe you are a bit like me and wonder, “when God when? Here are a few of my “when’s”, I’m wondering about. When am I going to loose a few pounds? When am I going to get my back yard landscaped? When are my boys going to realize mom really does know best? When is my sister in Wisconsin going to get the job? When is my mom going to realize she needs help caring for my dad with Alzheimers? When God when?
I think we all question God’s timing with something we are concerned about or praying through. I love God’s word, His promises to us. I call it My Father’s Love Letter to me, The Bible! Ecclesiastes 3:11a God has made everything beautiful in its time. As I meditate on this truth, I receive peace and confidence. I know whatever I am wondering “when” about, will happen. It will be beautiful and in perfect timing. God’s beauty is a whole lot better looking than my beauty and His timing is always right on. God is never early and never late. I bet that’s what God Speed is, His perfect timing. I don’t freak out or get as frustrated anymore. I simply believe that The God of the Universe, The God of Love, The God who has my world in His Loving Strong Hands will make everything beautiful (perfect) in its timing (His Timing). I can rest, pray, believe, thank Him in advance and rest some more in His promise to me. You can do the same because they are your promises also.


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  1. Great piece. Proud of your transparency. Love the choice we can make to “rest.”

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