What Are You Standing Up For?

Have you ever felt like you were in a storm and there was no peace in sight? You feel you have done everything you know to do and still you’re in the storm? Well, you are not alone, for generations people have felt this way at one time or another. There is hope, check out Micah 7.
At one point, the people of Israel were without hope and miserable. The government was corrupt, injustices all around them, no righteous people to be found. There were even family feuds.

The truth is, we all feel overwhelmed from time to time. It could be about the simplest things. The gas prices being outrageous; I drive a Tahoe. Robert loves dance class and it maybe part of the school budget cuts. I went for my annual check up and the Dr. is checking cholesterol, bone density and did I mention my weight? James has his driving permit and will soon will have a full fledged drivers license. Just writing this makes me feel overwhelmed. Thank God for His Word, it is not only Truth, but empowering and gives me strength to trust Him in any storm. Let me remind you of what Micah did.

Micah 7:7
But as for me, I watch in Hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior, my God will hear me.

Micah got fed up with the overwhelming feelings he was dealing with in the storm. He got the attitude of “enough is enough”. I can just picture him standing up and declaring to his friends and family that he’s done, he’s had enough. He stood up and put his focus and hope in God, he waited and watched for his Savior and he reminded himself and his friends that God hears.

I choose to do like Micah-I put my confidence in knowing that God not only hears me, He has my best interest in mind, He is all powerful, able and willing to do the impossible on my behalf. I put my hope in the Lord and wait for my Savior. He wil either take me out of the storm or give me peace while I’m in the storm. How about you? Will you put your hope in God?


3 Responses

  1. This is AWESOME PK 🙂

  2. Thank you PK, I really needed to read these words today!!

  3. I too have my “when” questions.
    When will we see you? When should we move?
    I’m going to read Micah again.
    Thanks for making every minute count when we are with you guys! Between laughing and praying no time was wasted.

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