Changes, Changes, Changes – What Is Your Steady?

Living in a world where there is constant change can make any confident person feel insecure at times. I think of changes as devastating as tornadoes that changed lives in the south east, to a change in a family where a child graduates from high school and prepares for college (where did the years go?). Change can be as simple as making the adjustment from school routines to summertime freedom with the kids at home during the day. My friend Judy is dealing with a temporary change in her plans from attending nursing school to scheduling her own chemotherapy treatments. Did I mention temporary? Since she didn’t plan it, she needed to adjust to the change. She is doing great, being flexible and trusting Her God. We all believe that it won’t be long until she is attending nursing school. Personally, I am dealing with my own changes as I’m aging gracefully. It was “in my face” when our family went to Schlitterbaun last weekend and I wasn’t as energetic or courageous as I had been in the past. I was challenged keeping up with my teen boys and riding those crazy rides. If I look around and put my trust in my circumstances or my feelings, I will be shaken. Instead, I put my trust in my anchor and my rock. He is Jesus and He never changes. He is my Steady!

Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

As sure as the sun rises, Jesus is the same. Just as He healed the sick while He walked on earth, Jesus heals today. We are standing on that truth with Judy. Jesus never changes, forever He is our Savior, our comforter and provider. If we look to anything else to be our anchor, we will be extremely disappointed. I want to encourage you to allow the only “steady” in your life to lead and guide you. Allow Him to be your rock and your anchor. Hang onto Him during the changes, He is consistent. You will never be disappointed. He is the same loving, powerful God as He was yesterday and will be forever. My Steady, My Jesus! Who is your Steady in the changes of life?


One Response

  1. We can welcome change as it is going to come no matter what. You have the secret of trusting God and putting your faith in Him … eyes straight ahead, feet moving forward.
    One thing for sure Judy will always understand her future hospital patients in a way she never could otherwise.

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