Adventurous Moments

What have I learned from my adventure this week? A few things for sure: 1. How important it is to stay in the moment, to stay engaged and 2. to be aware of what God wants expressed to His people in the moment.
I’m in Wisconsin caring for my mom who just had surgery, and my dad, who has Alzheimer’s. Before I left Austin, I prayed, sought God for His direction and wisdom and then asked some other people to pray for me and my family. Thank God for the prayers of the righteous, (believers) for they really are powerful and effective. I’ve had consistent love, joy, peace, patience, etc. (the fruit of the Spirit) and I’m really enjoying connecting with my parents, sisters, nieces and nephews and making memories. Staying in the moment is the key-staying in the conversation and sticking with the task at hand. Staying in the moment is simply being engaged. It’s not thinking of anything else but the person and conversation I’m involved in, or the card game I’m playing, or the walk to the mail box or fixing breakfast or giving medicine. I think staying engaged has honored and valued my parents. I plan to bring “staying in the moment” with me wherever I go. I find the results of engaging is being able to sense the promptings of the Holy Spirit, to do what He wants in each situation. He always wants love expressed to people. I really like being on an adventure and enjoy learning new things along the way. I feel in tune with God as I’m staying in the moment.


5 Responses

  1. Thank you for taking such great care of our parents. Staying in the moment and being engaged is key to communication in any relationship. You’re really good about it, Kelly. Proud of you for taking it wherever you are.

  2. Kelly,
    How few people get this as we are a world of cell phones, etc bombarded with media and doing so many things at once. It took a tragedy for me to learn staying in the moment, but as you related this beautiful story of being with your parents, I can see that the ones who win the blessing of what God is doing …. stay in the moment. Thanks for this beautiful post.

  3. Wow..this was a great word.. really love that you shared with us.

    love ya

  4. Beautiful PK, I must go see my parents soon and experience “staying in the moment” with them. For now, I have many moments to experience here!

  5. Thanks for a challenge of staying in the moment, it makes such a difference if you can not only remember to do that but to actually do it. Kelly, you have been such a blessing as you were here to not only take care of me but also your dad. We also had such fun, and a lot of laughter, it says in the bible that laughter is the best medicine. Love you. Mom

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