I Was Desperate (2min read)

While I was in Wisconsin. caring for my parents, I was reminded of the need for prayer and the power that comes with it. It was “in my face.” Sometimes we don’t need a New Word (revelation), we need a Now Word.(reminder) I asked a few groups of people before this trip to pray for me – our church home, our family and friends. You know when you are desperate for prayer support, you get humble enough to ask. Well, during this trip there were a few curve balls, so I quickly called my sister Stacy and asked her to get the word out to her friends for some specific prayer. I found in the midst of the mission that I didn’t have time to explain details of the situation or the energy to explain play by play, I had to just throw my needs and concerns out there. I trusted Stacy to get whoever she desired to pray and pray quickly. At that point, frankly, it didn’t make any difference to me if they knew me or not. I needed prayer and God responds to prayer. God totally met me and I sensed His peaceful presence when I needed it most. I know having the prayer support made a huge difference, calling on my sister and her extra forces provided the one two punch I desperately needed at that moment. The curve ball, forced me to surrender and ask for prayer support and to trust God to provide. It’s a humbling experience. God will use whoever He wants to pray and that part is not my business. I know God has my best interest in mind and I can trust Him. When I’m desperate, I will just ask for the support, in fact, no more waiting til I’m desperate. God will move on my behalf, I can depend on Him. Once again, our God came through. He is faithful to complete what He started. When I arrived home in Austin, I felt “Mission Accomplished.” I know I couldn’t have done it without the prayer warriors. I am forever grateful. There is power in prayer, I experienced it first hand.


2 Responses

  1. Kelly, I love that about you…not afraid to ask.

  2. I am glad you felt the love! I touched base with Stacy and told me what was needed for you and the family!

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