Three Things For Sure

Just thinking about the things I need in my life and there are three things for sure, my family, my church and my small group. Having my family involved in church and small group is a delight for me. I’ve been with my church for 22 years and its home. This is where I’m growing up, I haven’t arrived yet. I married Sam here and had my two boys. I love that our family worships together, serves side by side in God’s House and hosts a small group in the community. It’s truly a dream come true for me and I’m grateful.
I can’t wait for Wednesdays and Sundays. I love to worship with my church family and hear an incredible message to apply to my life. I’m thankful my boys get the same experience in youth. It doesn’t stop there! We get to host a small group together. This is our opportunity to discuss with other parents and their teens the “how to” apply what we learn in church. We are hashing out Christianity in practical ways. Our group supports each other in challenging times, celebrates the victories and keep each other accountable in the struggles. In our small group, we find a cause to rally around and make a difference. It helps us all be a little less self centered. Everyone is included; children and adults can all participate. It’s actually amazing to hear what my kids say in a small group setting, you just never know. So many times I’m surprised at the wisdom that comes out of their mouths during discussion or the faith filled prayers they pray for others or even their own vulnerability in the prayer requests they share. At our last small group, a mother and daughter got saved. They asked Jesus into their heart, their life is forever changed and my boys got to experience it first hand. 2John4 There is no greater joy than to see your children walking in the light. Acts 2:42-47 Talks about the disciples meeting in the temple and house to house and how they had everything in common and God added to their numbers daily those were being saved.
God desires for each of us to be in relationship with him and to be involved in each others lives. We were not meant to live life alone. As we give, we are more others focused. I believe this could help us have a successful satisfied life. In fact, when people I know are having a difficult time and they love God, are plugged into church and are in a small group, I know they will be ok. For this reason, I’m bringing my kids on this journey so they can experience the abundant life. It’s the best gift I can give them.


5 Responses

  1. Great article, Kelly. Small groups are good for life!!

  2. It’s true, Psalm 92:13 confirms your testimony, “those who are planted in the House of God will flourish.” ~hugs Anita

  3. This is by far your best post. Straight from the heart.

  4. Love this, PK! Thanks for always encouraging us to include our children in how we participate in church, serve others and live out our faith. Relationships are so important for ALL of us!

  5. Kelly—You are making me cry. I feel honored to have known you and your family and to have gone through life with you. I have great memories…Love you!!

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