The Big Picture

1Thess 5:18 Give thanks in all circumstances for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.

God is faithful, bigger than any situation, more powerful than any disease, has endless resources to provide for your needs and your dreams. He is all loving, all the time, toward YOU. He has your best interest in mind. God is not mad at you; He is not disappointed in you. God is for you!

Knowing this truth gives us the ability to have a grateful heart in all situations. As we thank God, we sense His presence. We are not thanking God for the situation, but in the situation, because we trust Him. He knows the big picture and it’s always good.

My sister Mary, from Wisconsin, was out of work for a few years. She had applied for several jobs in her field and nothing panned out. Understandably, she was very discouraged and her thoughts toward herself (what’s wrong with me?) and toward God (where is He?) were negative. Mary was losing hope.

I gently reminded her that God is bigger than her situation; He loves her and has a great plan for her. I encouraged her to write a thank you note to God, to find something to thank Him for. She was having a very difficult time with this. I suggested she start with who God is and how He has her best interest in mind.

Your perspective changes when you start giving thanks.

Mary’s perspective changed. She was no longer consumed with her need; she started focusing on God’s love and His faithfulness. She began to trust God for her future. Her hope was coming back. Being grateful gave Mary strength to persevere and gave her a better attitude as she waited. A week ago, Mary received her miracle; the job of her dreams! She gives all the credit to God and says her turn around came when she chose to thank Him.

Do you need to sense God’s presence in your life? Give thanks. Are you ready for more hope? Give thanks. Do you want God’s perspective? Give thanks.

Like Mary, you will find God faithful.

Today’s Challenge: Whatever your situation, thank God!


One Response

  1. First that picture of you guys is wonderful. Stacy looks like your mom. I was wondering if Mary got the job and am thanking God that she did. Your article about all of this is super and so true. I absolutely loved reading it.
    It warms my heart. God is so amazing in how He transforms lives.
    Can’t thank Him enough.

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