Who Will Fight For You?

Sometimes we need somebody to stand up and fight for us. When I was in elementary school, a boy punched me in the nose. I ran home crying and bleeding, my dad came outside and threatened the boy, using colorful language, I might add.

This week, Robert, our thirteen year old son, came home from school sharing that some boy called him a bad name and another boy punched him. He expressed that he felt alone, embarrassed and weak. Enough said, Sam immediately got on the phone and called the principal to share the story. Sam asked for disciplinary action for the bullying against Robert. Robert said, "Thanks dad." Robert felt valued, supported and protected. Robert needed somebody to fight for him. There are times in our life when we need someone to fight for us; somebody to make it right. Someone who is Big enough, Strong enough and more Powerful than any bully or adversary.

Exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.

Our Father God is the One who is strong, powerful and big enough. He is the One who overcame the adversaries in our life, by sending His Son Jesus. Just as Robert shared his troubles and Sam took care of it, your Father God will do the same for you. Regardless of your behavior or attitude, God Almighty will fight for you. He’ll take care of you and defeat the enemy. He loves you, you are His. All you have to do is be still, rest in His presence and trust in His promises. There is no weapon formed against you that will prosper. Your God is your Warrior and He is strong and mighty, willing and able to come to your rescue. You can run to Him, share your troubles and be still, have peace, because He will fight for you.


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  1. Great post. Life is always better when you have loyal people who have your back, and always remembering that Jesus is the ultimate warrior on your side!

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