Why We All Need Community, Yes Even You.

1. We learn together from God’s Word and from each other’s experiences. The bible calls it, “as iron sharpens iron.” In Proverbs 27:17. The older generation can help coach or mentor the younger generation. When I first got married, I didn’t have a clue how to be a wife. Seriously, it wasn’t until I saw how to be a Godly wife modeled, I learned. When women speak truth into my life, I changed. After 20 years I’m still learning.
You can do that for other women as well, regardless of your age or your experience. You have something to learn and you have something to share.

2. Burdens are cut in half, needs are met. God is our Source. He allows people, His children to be a resource for others. We are here to serve one another and meet each other’s needs.
Acts 4:34 There were no needy persons amongst them.
In a small group of couples – there was a precious couple who was not married yet, living together with a baby on the way. They knew they should get married, they wanted to but didn’t have the financial resources to do so. Their small group rallied around them and gave them a wedding. Somebody got a cake, somebody else flowers, another the food and someone else even provided the wedding dress. My husband officiated the ceremony and we still talk about how precious it was. Not one couple could pull that off, but a group of 8 couples could. This precious couple’s burdens were lifted because they were in community. An added bonus was their family and friends were able to witness the goodness of God on their behalf and the love of their group.

3. Joys and celebrations are doubled. Acts 2:46-47 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people.
It’s so much more fun to celebrate with people than by yourself. Congratulations to me, just doesn’t cut it. My sister is getting married and she has wanted to get married since she was a little girl. There were people praying for her, encouraging her, believing in her, fanning the flames of her dreams. She got engaged at Thanksgiving. Guess who is celebrating with her besides our immediate family? Her small group, her friends, yes, her community. It doubles the joy when you are involved in community. We can all celebrate the win.

4. Together we make a bigger impact for the cause of Christ than we can alone. Together, we can move mountains, together we can send 10,000 to flight, together we can reach our world.
I saw a homeless woman on the side of the road with a sign that said, “single mom.” I gave her five dollars and then grabbed a small lotion bottle and gave it to her. She smelled the lotion and was thrilled, as if I’d given her a million bucks.
Mission accomplished, she felt valued.

I believe with all my heart, if we are connected to God and each other we will be ok. We can make it through anything. I want to encourage you to get involved in community and live the life God has planned for you. It’s the best.


One Response

  1. Kelly,
    Thanks for sharing your God suggestions for building community. I love your real-life examples and have experienced the community joy brings through my Shoreline Connect Groups!
    Evelyn Nelson

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