Who Are Those Shepherds Anyway? (brief read)

Luke 2:8-20
The angels appeared to the Shepherds and told them the Messiah was born. Shepherds were ordinary people like you and me. They were doing their job, guiding and guarding their sheep. Doesn’t that sound familiar? We are all shepherds, especially parents, because we are guiding and guarding our children.

What I learned from the shepherds:

1. God speaks. God chose to speak to the Shepherds. They were not kings, not politicians, not celebrities, not rich. God chooses to speak to you and through you.

I was in the mall shopping and ready to go home. exhausted. I saw this lady walking with a cane and sensed the Holy Spirit say go and pray for her. I tried to reason – I’m tired, I don’t know her. But I turned around and asked her if I could pray. She welcomed my prayer and even commented that she felt God forgot about her. God speaks to us and through us to bring good news.

2. Like God included the shepherds – God includes everybody – He loves you and cares for you and your loved ones even more than you do.

Since I met my Savior, I prayed for my whole family to know Him. One by one they came to Christ, except my brother in law. After 18 years of praying and loving him, he surrendered his heart to Jesus. God includes everyone in His family.

3. God gives us direction. The angel told the Shepherds where to find the baby and what to say.

When I was searching for a church home, I went to all kinds of churches and finally found Shoreline. I walked in the door and found peace, love and acceptance, I was at home. Gods eye was on me then and still is.

4. God blesses obedience. When the Shepherds went, they found the baby Jesus and shared wirh Mary and Joseph as instructed. They returned from their journey glorifying and praising God for all they experienced which was just as they had been told.

Just last week I was blessed for being obedient – there was a homeless lady on the corner and I dug in my purse and gave her $5 and I saw this little lotion that smells so good. I sensed the nudging of the Holy Spirit to give her not only the money, but the lotion- I thought it odd but I did it. The look on her face when I gave her the lotion was priceless. You would have thought I gave her a million bucks. I was so blessed for being obedient.

Again, last week I met a girl who was struggling with fear, prior to that, I was getting ready and put one of my favorite bracelets that said, “Fearless”, well guess what the Holy Spirit asked me to do? You got it, give her my bracelet. You think I wanted to? No, but I did it, I was obedient. I’m still waiting for that blessing.

Let’s remember the reason for this Christmas season. It’s not the lights, though I love the lights. It’s not the gifts I so enjoy, it’s not the yummy sweets that add to my waistline, or the crazy sweater parties or even the kisses under the mistletoe.

Christmas is about knowing and sharing the good news.

Let’s bring our Savior with us wherever we go and whatever we do. We will be blessed because it’s always a great adventure.


2 Responses

  1. So glad for the practical situations you describe in your life of how to show what common ordinary folks can to be led to do in the name of Jesus.

  2. Awesome PK!! Thx for sharing!!

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